What Are the Benefits of Raspberry Ketones?

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You have probably heard the claims regarding raspberry ketones (generally known by the initials RK). They have been touted as an excellent tool in promoting weight loss and have even been mentioned on the Dr. Oz Show as a reliable weight loss supplement.

Photo courtesy of piyato @ / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Photo courtesy of piyato @ / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

The claim is that they help melt away fat. Naturally, such a claim is going to, and has, garnered the attention of millions of people who struggle with weight issues. But the question is, are the claims valid. What are the benefits ofo raspberry ketone supplements and can they contribute to weight loss?

What Are Raspberry Ketones and What Do They Do?

First, let’s make sure we understand just what pure raspberry ketones are. Basically, they are chemical compounds found in raspberries. They are what gives the fruit its delicious smelling aroma. These ketones are drawn from the raspberries to be used in creating fragrances for cosmetics and other household products, as well as to add flavor to certain foods, such as ice cream. They are also used for nonfood purposes, such as the cosmetics, mentioned above. The flavor of some fruit-flavored drinks and sodas is also enhanced by this chemical compound.

What Does Dr. Oz Say?

Dr. Mehmet Oz is a trusted household name who is equally trusted and highly respected by his colleague in the health field. This trust comes from his vast expertise, combined with a determination to help people attain the best health possible. When he recommends a product, treatment or routine that contributes to healthier living, it is only after thorough investigation.

What Dr. Oz has said about raspberry ketone supplements is that they can contribute to weight loss. He emphasizes that this is not a miracle pill and no substitute for healthy living. But, he explains, it triggers a key hormone in our body called adiponectin that the body uses to regulate metabolism.

Fat Breaks Down More Effectively

dr. oz recommends ketones

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Raspberry ketones cause fats to break down more effectively, in a sense tricking the body into acting like it is thin. A person can benefit from this in that they have more energy and vitality to do what they should be doing to stay thin and healthy, i.e., exercise and eating well. When you put on weight, your body produces less adiponectin and you feel it in your energy levels and a sluggishness that is not conducive to exercise. In other words, your body behaves like it’s fat.

Raspberry ketone supplements can be found at any health food store. Dosage-wise, no one is sure how much is too much. Rather than making yourself a human guinea pig, it is recommended to start with 100 mg. at breakfast and if you don’t see results go to 200 mg. Most people will start noticing some results in as little as five days; however, some say they see them even sooner. An interesting fact quoted to Dr. Oz is that it would take 90 pounds of raspberries to get the equivalent of a couple of tablets of raspberry ketones.

Testing of Raspberry Ketones

In animal testing, raspberry ketones have resulted in a speed-up in fat processing and a reduction in fatty tissue. However, whether they would have the same or similar effects on humans has not been established. They are, however, generally considered safe, so as long as one doesn’t go overboard. There are no studies that show the long-term side effects or food interactions. Some users have reported increase in blood pressure; others jitteriness. But no side effects have been scientifically confirmed or studied.

In the end, it is left to you, the consumer, to determine if you feel you would benefit from taking raspberry ketone supplements and whether you want to invest your money in such a product.

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