Top 8 Diet Mistakes You Should Avoid in 2014

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diet mistakes to avoid

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It is possible to be thinking that you are undertaking the appropriate things for weight loss but there is a possibility that the diet and fitness rules you are following, no matter inspired by celebrity diet or are just learnt online, are preventing you from achieving your desired weight and the body you prefer. Below are the 8 most common diet mistakes that deter women from weight loss.

1. Media reliance

It is worth noting that majority of information sources bear inherent agendas either hidden or not hidden. Anyone giving education pertaining what needs to be done so as to be healthy and arises from a different perspective will either indirectly or directly be increasing the financial interests of different multinational corporations, pharmaceutical companies and mainstream medicine. All this is the reality and not paranoia or cynicism.

2. Trusting only the food pyramid for healthy eating

An individual willing to see what guidelines by the government and the food pyramid are capable of doing to their health should drive to the closest Native American Reservation and take a look around. These reservations are supplied with much of the government’s food on the basis of their guidelines. You will be astonished by the tragic rise in obesity, heart ailments, diabetes, alcoholism and many other degenerative ailments one can think about. The life expectancy should not be ignored. Take into consideration the constituents of the food in government guidelines-designated school lunch programs.

3. Not keep track of food intake

In spite of the unlikelihood of keeping a diet diary, one should keep track of what she consumes throughout the day. If that is not done, there is a less likelihood that you will control the quantity and quality of food you take which can lead to accumulation of weight without your realization.

4. The belief that exercise makes up for unhealthy eating habits

It is a very common misconception that gives room for very many people to engage in extremely unhealthy eating habits. Exercise is not the determinant of one’s biochemistry but the diet. The truth is that exercise has many health benefits. Insulin sensitivity can be improved through it. However, this is not compensation for taking a stack of pancakes for breakfast. There is a possibility of burning the sugar but not the insulin. Melting away and evaporation of trans-fats will not happen on the stationery bike at the gym or treadmill after eating French fries for lunch.

5. Pig out on low fat snacks

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Most of the low fat snacks have loads of sugar to act as compensation for the deficiency of fat meaning that they often have more calories per serving than the original version. You should note that jumbo-sized muffins free of fat can pack up to 700 calories. Avoiding these diet-busters can be best done by checking the labels: a mid-afternoon snack should be no more than 300 calories even with low fat. The best choice is a wheat pita that is whole, sliced into wedges and a teaspoon of hummus to top up.

6. Believing or assuming that taking a quality diet is expensive

With an educated, principle-based approach to diet, one gets an automatic understanding of what is required and also knows properly how to get through landmines of dis and mis-information laid by corporate economic and political interests. It is far much easier and cheaper than you think.

7. Reliance on pills

Women take diet pills as another approach to weight loss. Very few of these diet pill s actually work in spite of the many categories there are. It is only after the diet pill is advertised that you see that women have gotten into great body shape thanks to the pill. The safest, effective and lasting weight loss strategy is the natural and common sense approach.

8. Eating out too much and excess.

If you are eating out most of the time because of your busy schedule or desire for convenience, then the control you have over the foods you take is little or null. In simple terms, the control you have over whatever you look like or how you feel is very little or none.

If you want to have the best looks and feelings about yourself, then you need to commence cooking. This means getting a delicious variety of recipes that you can easily put together and not spending hours cooking gourmet meals. Prior to eating out, familiarize with the restaurant and dinning pitfalls and how to avoid them

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  1. Really interesting article. A lot of people fall into tricks in the internet for losing weight and start to buy pills or to have really wrong and unhealthy habits.

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