How to Lose Remaining Belly Fat After Weight Loss?

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lose belly fat

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Fat is stored in our bodies in two ways, one that can be seen and one that cannot. While the subcutaneous fat around your hips and thighs, buttocks and stomach areas can be seen, the fat around your vital organs like lungs and heart, liver or digestive tract, chest and abdomen is not visible and is called the visceral fat. This hidden fat or visceral fat is what may turn out to be a health hazard if there is an excess amount of it. This visceral fat can cause type 2 diabetes, heart ailments, different types of cancers etc.

Dealing with stubborn belly fat: It is interesting to note that it becomes all the more challenging to lose fat once you become lean. In the initial stages, the pounds seem to disappear rapidly but when you slowly inch closer to the target weight, you find that the body becomes more desperate to hold onto the remaining belly fat. Incidentally, you will come across many such individuals who are neither lean nor obese but suffer from belly fat and are unable to control it. To get a toned abdomen you must melt away this belly fat.

Tips to deal with remaining belly fat after weight loss:

Changing workout patterns:  An effective way to lose the remaining belly fat in the body once you have attained substantial weight loss is to alter your exercise schedules. Rigorous workouts are guaranteed to help you burn visceral fat. You can perform aerobic exercises or try out brisk walking or jogging for cardio workouts. To boost your metabolism, it is not enough to focus on doing only strenuous workouts; the trick is to alter your workout focus and start doing more of strength training to build your muscle mass. This is important for eliminating remaining belly fat since muscle tissues can burn a greater number of calories. Building more lean muscles through strength training exercises can help you burn a lot of the remaining fat.

Photo courtesy of  Stuart Miles @ /

Photo courtesy of Stuart Miles @ /

Switch to new exercises: Another good idea to burn more fat is to keep switching to different types of exercises instead of sticking to the same routines. A weight loss plateau typically develops when you start getting bored with your workouts and get tempted to skip them once in a while. You can spend a week doing more of strength training and less aerobics or perhaps try a new fat burning workout like rope skipping or indoor cycling.

Diet: While there is no magic pill to get rid of stubborn belly fat, you can keep increasing the fiber intake.  You should completely do away with processed foods and trans fats from your diet. Instead, you can focus on consuming more vegetables and fruits like apples, berries, whole grains and beans and proteins like chicken breast, fish and low fat milk products. If you are skeptical about the choices, you can opt for diet services like Nutrisystem which can devise a suitable plan for you. Their meal options are nutritionally fortified and offer a safe weight loss. The meals are devoid of trans fats and prepared using various weight loss ingredients that are healthy. Have a look at the manifold success stories visiting their official website.

Increasing water intake: When you are dehydrated, your metabolism automatically becomes sluggish. The liver tries to hold back the water and does not focus on burning fat. Water takes 60 percent of your body weight and meticulously eliminates toxins from the body. Simultaneously, it supplies nutrients to the major cells and keeps your sensory organs moist. Even a mild dehydration can cause fatigue. As you lose water through perspiration, waste and bowels, you require replenishing the body with a minimum of 8 ounce glasses a day. It need not be solely water; you can conjoin other healthy fluids to add up to the total.

These are only some tips which can help you fight the stubborn belly fat that tends to remain even after you may have successfully lost a lot of weight. You should also remember to get enough sleep because chronic sleep loss affects metabolism. Sleep loss lowers leptin release which is useful for suppressing appetite.

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