GM Diet Plan- 7 Day Weight Loss Program

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If you ever wanted to try a diet that works fast and also cleans your body from the toxins accumulated during your daily eating habits then I have a pretty good solution for you.

What is the GM diet?

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As the title states, the name is the GM diet and it comes from General Motors Company, which founded the research team to elaborate this plan. Initially they hoped to achieve a better health and help employees lose fat to be more productive but it turned out to be really effective and so it caught on with the public.

In a short period of time this diet became known as the 7 day diet that could help you lose up to 15 lbs. of weight a week. It became increasingly popular with the Indian people as it was featured in a popular Indian cooking show and there has been adapted even an Indian version of the diet.

The 7 day meal plan explained

The main purposes of this diet are, as I explained before, to help you lose fat and remove the toxins from your body. The cleansing process is what the GM diet actually begins with.

As for the first day of the week you are allowed to consume only fruits with the exception of bananas. This will help you cleanse and provide the necessary fruit nutrients to restore your balance. Make sure to eat a variety of fruits.

The second day of the diet implies that you consume only vegetables and legumes, but remember that you are allowed to eat only one potato in the morning. That potato will make you fill fuller for the rest of the day and will supply the carbs required.

The third day will be composed of a mix between the previous two days, as such you will be eating both fruits with vegetables, but no bananas or potato. This time you don’t need to eat a potato because you already get enough carbs from the fruits.

Day number 4 from the diet will allow you at last to eat bananas, and more specifically banana milkshakes and the GM diet soup.

For both day number 5 and 6 you are allowed at last to feast on meat. This means you can eat only chicken breast and low fat beef. You can even choose to make your own healthy burgers with beef and some salad.

The last day of the plan allows you to eat a bowl of brown rice and drink all the fruit juices you want plus as many vegetables as you want.

How often should you follow this diet plan?

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There is no certainty to how your organism may respond to it but i discovered that if you keep it to about 2 times per month for a few months it can do wonders and make you reach your weight goals. But then again, this dieting is completely useless without continuing to eat healthy and exercise even after you finish the plan.

Many people think that a diet is the secret but in fact it should become a lifestyle to eat healthy and train hard so you can enjoy the benefits for your entire lifetime, which by the way can extend by a lot if you do this.

If you want to exercise during the diet please do so, but avoid heavy lifting in this period because you may not have the energy to sustain too much weight because of the decrease in carbohydrates. That means, jogging, cardio with High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT may help you burn even more fat than expected.

This diet should be a life lesson for you and it should signify the start to a better and much healthier life where wellness prevails.

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