Four Weight Loss Tips To Get You Started

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losing inches effectively

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You have a problem like many others have and that is no matter how hard you try to lose weight, it just never comes off. You then feel disappointed and vow to workout even harder next week, and the week after that. Around the 4th week you weigh yourself only to see nothing is happening, you are working out as hard as you can and still have no results whatsoever.

This is a real problem for not only you but for the majority of those who are attempting to shed pounds. So what are you supposed to do when working out is not being effective? Below are 4 tips that may help you succeed with your plan.

Control Calories by Drinking Water

The first tip is simple, low cost and brings with it many benefits. It is Water!

By drinking water more often it helps your body maintain a balance of fluids within it. Since our bodies are comprised of around 60% water, it needs to be replenished as often as we can. Water also helps with digestion, circulation, nutrient transportation and also maintains our body temperature.

Water also can help your body control calories. Certainly water has no magical effects on losing weight, it does make a perfect substitute to other beverages that are high in calories and other unnatural substances.

It has also been said that water can be an appetite suppressant. So drink plenty of water throughout each day and always bring a bottle of water with you wherever you go.

Eat More Foods High in Fiber

weight loss tipsMake sure you are eating well, and getting all the proper nutrients your body requires. Starving your body may give some results in the short term, so plan your weekly meals for long term results. When planning these meals out, eliminate fatty, high in starch foods and replace them with foods that leave you feeling full longer as well as with ones that provide great nutritional benefits.

Foods such as, beans, carrots, celery and chickpeas can be added to help you feel satisfied since they are full of fiber. Just keep in mind though if you happen to add hummus into your diet, be careful with what you eat it with. White pita is not a very good option, use whole grain pita instead.

This is only a sample of the wonderful foods available that are good to eat, low in calories all the while being a healthier, more satisfying choice. Remember though, it is okay to indulge sometimes and reward yourself. Just don’t make a habit of it or you will be back at square one!

Track Your Movements

Have you considered the idea of getting a pedometer and carrying it everywhere you go? You can use it as a motivator to move around more once you have some understanding of how much you are currently doing. A pedometer isn’t completely accurate, but think about it, do you have any idea how many steps you are taking in a day.

Track your movements for a week or two, and then you can build a plan and add something like a 5 – 10 percent increase from week to week. After a few months you should be showing some noticeable difference in endurance and also the calories you are burning.

Actually some mobile phones can do this already. So check and see if yours has this function in it or maybe you just need to download a pedometer app.

Use a Weight Loss Diary

One item that I hear suggested often but rarely ever see anyone make use of is a food diary. Being able to track what you have eaten and when makes a lot of sense. If you have no idea how many calories you are taking in, then how can you know if you need to lower calories, or increase your protein intake. Also having a track record like this makes your weight loss plan real.

It is easy to go astray on a diet and just by putting  the things you are eating down on paper, then you have something to answer too when you fail, or you have something to reward yourself for when you stay on the plan for weeks and months.

Nobody has anyone to hold our hands and guide us so taking full responsibility for what we consume by using a diary just makes sense.

These 4 weight loss tips can be very effective when used together or on their own, and also when included with the ideas at this website. (

Put a plan along with your goals together, then track and make small changes where necessary and your end result on this journey just may be a positive one.

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