5 Tips to Help Vegans Lose Weight

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Even though many people think that vegans are extremely healthy sometimes we may find ourselves with a little extra weight on our bodies. No matter what people might think even if you primarily eat whole foods and avoid meat you can still become overweight if you eat the wrong things in eating-veganthe wrong quantities. Many people will turn to diet supplements for quick fix. Sometimes adding a natural appetite control supplement can be a good way to jumpstart your weight loss goals but generally speaking changing your diet and adding exercise is a better way to lose weight.  Check out Health as a Lifestyle if you’re interested in a natural supplement to jumpstart your weight loss goals. They also offer quite a few interesting articles on nutrition and exercise. If you’d rather take a more holistic route keep reading for some great tips on how to lose weight if you’re a Vegan.

Don’t Eat the Junk Food

It’s surprising how much junk food is made for vegans these days.  Not only can you find a wide variety of traditional junk foods that don’t have any meat products there are also many junk foods that are made specifically for vegans these days.  All you have to do is browse the Vegan section of your local supermarket or walk along the aisles of your favorite organic grocery store and you will find many options for vegans that are not necessarily healthy. Just remember when you’re choosing Vegan options you also need to take into account how processed your foods are. Although it may say Vegan on the outside that doesn’t always equate to a healthy food item on the inside.  You should try to avoid as much processed food as you can, just because the pizza is Vegan doesn’t mean it’s a healthy option for everyday eating.

Shop Around the Edges

We’ve all probably heard this before but you really should shop around the edges of the supermarket.  Usually when you go into the supermarket you will notice that the produce section, meat department, dairy department, and deli are usually around the perimeter. Understandably Vegans will be avoiding the meat and dairy departments but the produce section for fruits and veggies and the deli where we could get some good whole grain breads are two areas that we will want to stay in for the longest amount of time.  Once you get into the middle part of the grocery store you’re not likely to find any whole foods and most everything will be highly processed and full of sodium and additives.

Avoid the Grocery Store and Go To the Farmers Market

Another great idea for vegans interested in losing weight is to stay out of the grocery store much as possible, there’s way too many temptations.  Research your local farmers market to find out when it is open and plan on going as much as you can afford to. In the winter months you can join a farmers’ cooperative so that you can continue to get fresh vegetables well into the fall and very early in the spring. Spending your money at a farmers market or Co-op is a great way to support the local economy, eat clean, and keep a small carbon footprint. The good thing about the co-op is that many times the food will be delivered right to your door or there will be a convenient place where you can go and pick it up already boxed and ready to be loaded into your car.

Avoid Oil and Use Herbs Instead

Oil is one of those interesting ingredients, it’s very easy to use way too much of it and it is extremely high in fat and calories.  If you’re trying to lose weight you should be very careful to measure the amount of oil that you are using in your cooking and other food preparations.  If you have one large salad a day it’s very easy to get well over a couple of hundred calories just by mixing up some olive oil and apple cider vinegar as a dressing.  Then if you sauté vegetables in oil you can be adding several hundred more calories to your diet.  The easy way to avoid this is to use herbs when you sauté for flavoring.  An option for salads is to add some of the vegetables that you have sautéed in herbs to your salad as this will impart an interesting flavor. You can also add a few pickled items like peppers or olives to add a touch of saltiness and sourness to your salad, this may keep you from needing to use oil at all.

Photo courtesy of  amenic181 @ / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Photo courtesy of amenic181 @ / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Keep Your Fruit On the Countertop

When you begin to get hungry it’s always the easiest to grab something that is within your sight, the best idea to keep this from being something like a bagel or roll which will have a lot of calories is to keep a fruit bowl on your countertop.  Even if you take the fruit bowl out of the refrigerator in the morning and put it back in the evening to help preserve the fruit a little longer having the fruit within your sight will make it a lot easier for you to make a healthy choice when you begin to feel like you need a snack.  In addition to leaving fruit on the counter make sure you store all of your bread items in your cupboards or refrigerator so that you don’t have crackers or bread or chips tempting you.

If you follow these five steps you will be well on your way to taking control of your weight and your health for good.


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