Healthy Food Need Not Be Bland : 3 Healthy Yet Tasty Dishes

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cooking health food

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A very famous bromide in the history books claim that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. This platitude is not at all correct, as this cliché does not apply to only men but women as well. Tasty and finger licking food has been a bone of contention for many, as everybody, almost everybody in this world crave for delicious food. However, in this jet age, the health rates of people have been falling down alarmingly. Hence, the doctors along with the dieticians have come up with a diet plan that consists of only health food. However, this diet plan also comes up with the rider that most of the healthy food is quite bland and is not liked much by the people. In fact, this has become more of an axiom that a food if tasty is an unhealthy one and a healthy food must be bland and quite ordinary, both in taste as well as in presentation. The important point to note here is that the aforementioned statement is nothing more than a myth. To break this myth, we will enumerate three dishes of the most liked genres i.e. Italian, Indian and Mediterranean that would alter your thoughts regarding healthy food and would break that myth of “bland & healthy” food forever.

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    The Italian dish that we are going to witness today is Spring Risotto. This dish is not only health but quite tasty too. For this dish to come through we need to pool three cups of boiling water with morels in a bowl. Then we need to cover up the bowl and wait for the next half an hour. Then we need to drain mushrooms and rinse them with cold water. After rinsing properly, we need to chop them down. Then the next step includes remove the beans from the unwanted pods. We should then cook these beans for a minute with three cups of boiling water. Then we need to heat olive oil over medium heat. Olive oil is considered good for health. In this oil, we need to add leek and garlic. We will then sauté the combo for a couple of minutes. After this step, we will chip in with some rice and tomato paste. This combination of rice, tomato paste along with leek and garlic should be stirred for a couple of minutes. Then we would put in some salt and black pepper. After mixing them, we will cook for one more minute. Then we will add the three cups of broth and should allow the broth to be absorbed by the rice. Then we will put in the morels and the beans and allow the preparation to be cooked only for thirty more seconds. Garnishing this dish with green onions will further enhance the taste of this dish. Normally white wine is used for the dish but for the health purposes, we have not used it in our preparation.

  • The Indian dish we are going to prepare is Rasam.  Normally the Indian dishes are laden with a lot of spices and this dish is no exception. The spices used have a great medicinal value and enhance the taste of the dish too. We will pour some water into a wok and would add tamarind paste, black grams, a couple of tomatoes & onions and mustard. We will boil this amalgam. In the next step, we will take another pan. On this pan, we will prepare a tempering. We will pour a small quantity of olive oil on the pan. Then after the oil gets a bit hot, we will add cumin, red chilli powder, asafoetida, fenugreek, coriander powder and a bit of garlic paste. After a couple of minutes, we will add this tempering into the original wok and would cover the wok. After a couple of minutes of simmering, Rasam is ready to be served with either the Indian bread or rice.
  • The Mediterranean dish we are going to see is Lemon Basil Shrimp and Pasta. We need to boil three cups of water in an oven. Then we will add pasta and will cook it for around eight minutes. Then we will take a pan and would add shrimp to it. We will cook the shrimp for around three minutes. We will drain the excess water from the pasta. We will place the pasta mixture in a big bowl. We will add basil, olive oil, capers and lemon juice to this mixture. A tasty and yet a healthy dish is ready.

Hence, healthy food can be tasty as well.

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