Are There Health Benefits To Eating Cottage Cheese?

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Cottage cheese is a food product that has actually been made dating all the way back to Roman times. This delicious food gets the name cottage cheese because it is known to be so easy to make right in the comfort of your own home (How to make Cottage Cheese). There is no need for special ingredients or any fancy equipment and you have the flexibility of using milk that is low fat skim or semi skim. What makes cottage cheese so special is that it contains live cultures that will help you to boost your immune system as well as aid in digestion. Overall, cottage cheese benefits are very similar to natural yogurt and you can also add things to it to suit your individual tastes, just as you would be able to with yogurt.

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It goes without saying that eating fat free dairy items, such as fat free cottage cheese, on a regular basis will give you a list of added health benefits. There have been a number of studies done showing that individuals who consume around 3 cups of healthy dairy products per day will often show healthy results. While there is some concern about the saturated fat that can be found in full fat varieties of cottage cheese that can work to raise your levels of cholesterol in your blood, you will not have to worry if you are reaching for the fat free versions of cottage cheese.

Cottage cheese is not only delicious but it is also very high in rich proteins that can help you to build and repair as well as maintain your overall lean muscle mass. I just one cup of lower fat cottage cheese, you are getting around 26 grams of beneficial proteins that your body needs. As a matter of fact, this one cup is almost half of what is recommended as a daily allowance of protein for the average adult. The current recommendation for protein is around 46 grams per day for women and around 56 grams for men.

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Introducing fat free cottage cheese to your diet on a regular basis will also allow you stronger teeth and bones because this is a product that is very rich in calcium. In just one cup of low fat cottage cheese alone, you have 125mg of calcium. The average adult needs to take in around 1,000mg per day of calcium while older adults who need the calcium for bone health are told to take in around 1,200mg each day. A lack in such beneficial calcium can lead to weakened bones or osteoporosis.

If you are currently trying to lose weight, you may also find that eating fat free cottage cheese is a wonderful option. There are a lot of people that will add fat free cottage cheese to their diets as they are exercising and trying to trim down. Because of the protein and all of the vitamins inside a cup of cottage cheese, it is the perfect way to keep healthy while moving and exercising to lose weight. Since the protein is able to make you feel fuller for a longer period of time, you are also not going to feel as hungry when you add cottage cheese into your dieting plan.

Overall, you are going to see that there are many benefits that come along with eating cottage cheese. Not only is it delicious but it is also very versatile and can be added to just about any meal. However, it is just important that you pay attention to your sodium intake when eating cottage cheese, as it can raise blood pressure if you have a pre-existing condition. Luckily, there are lower sodium varieties for cottage cheese that make a wonderul choice for your dietary needs.

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