Are The Various Different Kinds of Olive Oil Created Equally?

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choosing the best olive oil

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To start off you need to realize that there are many different olive oils on the market and they are each differentiated by the method of processing that they have to endure.

1. Virgin Olive Oil

Any olive oil that you see being classed as virgin is something that’s good quality because it has been produced by physical means rather than using any sort of chemical treatment.

The really good stuff will have been made using the ripest olives which are taken and then smashed into a paste using tools such as millstones or steel drums.

The only so called methods of processing that a virgin olive oil is going to be able to go through is that of washing, decanting, centrifuging and finally filtering. While none of these processes are actually required to make the final oil, these are the only ones that are allowed to be used.

2. Refined Olive Oil

Any olive oil that has been classed as being refined is generally of poor quality. This is because it’s essentially made from virgin oil that has some kind of impurities in it, and in order for this oil to be edible, it has had to go through the long process of refining.

This process of refining involves using methods that involve things like charcoal filters and other chemical treatments, and while the end product will come with a longer shelf life, it will essentially be oil that will be totally void of any good taste.

3. Olive Pomace Oil

This sort of olive oil is created from the leftover crushed olives from the virgin olive oil that was made. In order to get whatever remaining oil is in these pressings, chemical solvents have to be used.

To be honest you can’t really say that this is real olive oil because it isn’t meant to be consumed. Rather you’re going to find that the vast majority of the time it’s used as a base ingredient in many of the soaps you see on supermarket shelves.

4. Blended Olive Oil

If there’s any olive oil that you’re going to want to avoid then it has to be blended olive oil. The reason why you’re going to want to avoid it is because it’s essentially a mixture of various different kinds of oil, predominantly a bit of olive oil along with some other kinds of vegetable oils.

The end product will indeed come with an increased shelf life but it will also contain a whole lot more polyunsaturated fats which is exactly why you’re going to want to avoid it!

5. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

the best olive oils have an olive tasteIf you really want to get your hands on oil that is of the best quality then you’re going to want to take a look at extra virgin olive oil.

If you take a look at what the International Olive Oil Council say then you’ll find that no olive oil can be classed as being extra virgin unless it meets two very specific criteria and they are that it must have a superior taste to any normal olive oil out there and it must contain at the very most 0.8% acidity.

If you really want to get your hands on the best of the best stuff then you’re going to want to try and find olive oil that has been unfiltered and cold pressed. These processes will result in the final product tasting far richer and deeper than anything else on the marketplace.

The other great benefit of extra virgin olive oil is that it contains a ton of polyphenols which are some of the best antioxidants you can get into your body!

Things To Pay Attention To When Buying Olive Oil

You need to realize that just because some bottle of olive oil is being classed as being extra virgin, it doesn’t at all mean that it’s good for you or that it’s the best that you can buy.

If you are in the supermarket and you have the choice between buying an olive oil that was produced in a place like Greece or Italy or one that was produced locally then you should always pick the latter option.

Extra virgin olive oil is extremely fragile by nature which will likely mean that the flavors will get totally ruined if it has to travel the ocean to get to you.

But you need not worry too much because these days you’ll find that practically all stores have at least one bottle of good quality olive oil that was produced locally or at the very least domestically. And while you may end up paying a little extra for it, the price will be more than justified once you get a little taste.

When you’re out there trying to find a new bottle of olive oil to try, you should try your best to treat the process much like you would do when you’re trying to find a new bottle of wine.

The very first thing that you’re going to want to do is smell the oil. If it’s good quality then you should get a good, strong smell of olives with a hint of grass and apples.

Don’t Be Fooled By Its Looks, Taste Is The Best Sense To Make Use Of

I wouldn’t rely too much on sight because these days the color of an oil can be very easily manipulated. Rather you’re going to want to pay most of your attention towards the one sense that really matters and that’s taste.

To get a good sense of taste, you’ll want to take about half a teaspoon of your chosen olive oil and swirl it about in your mouth, exactly like you would do if you were tasting wine.

The first and most powerful taste you should get is that of olives but on top of that you should also get a good hint of grass, apples and fennel. If you’re getting a strong metallic taste in your mouth then it’s very likely that you’re tasting an oil that’s rancid.

I can give you all the knowledge in the world on how to find the best olive oil out there, but the only way you’re going to be able to get your hands on something that you’ll want to use every single day of your life is by experimenting. And yes this may mean that the journey will be long but trust me it’s the only way that you’re going to be able to find a great oil!

Use Your Quality Oil The Right Way

However once you do find that one perfect olive oil, you’re going to want to know how to use it in the right way.

The first and most important rule of all is going to be to make sure that you never, ever use your oil to sauté your food… simply because this will result in you totally destroying the delicate flavors of the oil.

You’re going to want to cook all your food with something like butter and then use something like olive oil as a finisher on top of your meals.

This way you’re going to be able to really enjoy the taste and nutritional benefits without wasting even a single drop of that precious olive oil!

So I truly hope that this short post has given you a better understanding of all the various kinds of olive oil out there and exactly what you need to do in order to make sure that you get the best one you can!

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