The Spiritual Practice of Reiki Healing

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Reiki Healing is a type of spiritual practice / oriental medicine originated in Japan. This is used for stress reduction, relaxation and healing of various diseases.

According to Reiki, diseases occur when the body is at an imbalanced state. Reiki practitioners believe that by transferring universal energy into the body of the sick, through the palms of the healer, equilibrium of the body can be achieved. And thus self healing, relaxation is promoted.

Reiki is derived from the two Japanese words Rei and Ki (Rei- which means God’s wisdom /higher power and Ki / qi -which means life force energy) having an overall meaning of spiritually guided life force energy.


The Reiki method of healing was founded by a Japanese Buddhist named Mikao Usui in 1922. He founded the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai which means Usui’s spiritual energy therapy method society in the same year.  This facilitated the treatment of a large number of people. Usui also taught this skill to more than 2000 people. 16 out of them qualified to become Reiki masters.

J. Ushida who was a student of Usui succeeded him as the President of the Gakkai.

Hayashi who was also one of Usui’s pupils developed a simpler form of Reiki after gaining the permission of Usui. He also formed a clinic and gave treatments, taught the skill and attuned people to Reiki.

Takata was a patient of Hayashi who later became a Reiki master. She established many clinics in Hawaii and was the first to introduce Reiki treatment to a country outside of Japan.

The Two Systems of Reiki

There are two systems of Reiki as the western and traditional systems. The western system was introduced by Takata and is commonly used outside Japan. In western Reiki a specific set of hand patterns are used but in the traditional system the hands are placed in varying areas using Reiji-ho and Byosen-ho techniques. (The intuitive skill of knowing where to place the hands) Traditional Reiki healing is specifically directed while western Reiki generally treats the whole body.

Healing/ Treatment

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This is a holistic method of treating an individual physically, mentally and spiritually. The person treated will feel relaxed, in peace and secure. This can be used to treat diseases alone or in conjunction with other medications. Reiki is also used to overcome the side effects of therapeutic drugs and promote recovery. This method of healing can be used to cure all sorts of diseases. (Disorders of the nervous system, diseases of the respiratory system, disorders of the digestive system, circulatory disorders, metabolism and blood disorders, urogenital tract disorders, skin disorders, women’s diseases, childhood disorders, contagious diseases and mental diseases)

Medication / instruments are not used for treatments. Looking, touching, tapping lightly, blowing are done instead. And using the technique known as palm healing, Reiki is passed in the form of Ki/qi to the body of the recipient/patient from the hands of the therapist. Healing / equilibrium is thereby achieved.

When the full body is treated the person receiving the treatment is recommended to wear loose, comfortable clothing and lie down on a massage table. He/ she is then allowed to come into a relaxed state. Next palm healing is done by placing the hands on (by touching)/ above (without touching) the patient’s body. The hands are held at various positions (12-20) for varying time durations (45-90 minutes). The patient may feel warmth / tingling in the area which is treated using the palm healing technique. (This is experienced even when not touched)For the treatment of chronic conditions 3 or more treatment sessions (with 1-7 day intervals) should be done. And for maintaining health and well being regular treatment (with 1-4 week intervals) is recommended. Self healing can be practiced daily.

Injuries/ ailments are treated using localized treatment. The healer holds his/ her hands at a specific part of the patient’s body for a known duration of time. (Usually 20 min)

  • Breathing techniques are too used by some practitioners to promote healing.
  • It is said that to obtain best results from Reiki the recipient should believe in it.

Advantages of Reiki Healing

Although research and scientific evidence is lacking to prove that this alone is effective for treatment of diseases, when used complimentarily Reiki has shown to produce miraculous results. Reiki can be used to reduce stress, promote relaxation and also to relieve some types of pains. This method of healing has no side effects.

Disadvantages of Reiki Healing

Sometimes conventional/ clinically proven medicine may be avoided altogether by some patients. This can produce harmful effects.

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