How Workout Trends Have Affected Our Choices

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If you are into fitness there is a plethora of options available that can attract your intention. You have the new modern alternatives to aerobics like Crossfit that incorporates gymnastics, weight lifting, rope climbing and general strength training. For the more discerning workout devotee there are options like dance classes – the tango immediately springs to mind as a great weight loss and keep fit activity.

Photo courtesy of photostock @ /

Photo courtesy of photostock @ /

There is nothing wrong with good old fashioned gym workouts which can involve anything from general cardio to training with weights. Most gyms are now adopting a modern modernistic approach to fitness training. You can find lots of new sports apparatus available for use in high street gyms. Think of resistance band exercises and all sorts of mobility equipment like foam rollers becoming part of the local gym arsenal.

How people ever got in shape before the 2000’s we’ll never know. Mobility training is fantastic though. Especially as people want to stay in shape well in to their 50’s, 60’s and above. It is not uncommon to see 75 year old powerlifters working out in gyms in cities all over the world. One way to maintain a great shape and free up your joints and pains when you are approaching middle age is with mobility training. Even if you are in your youth regular mobility training and stretching can do wonders for your flexibility.

Just look up Kelly Starett mobility videos in You Tube like the one below and you will find loads of techniques that can make your muscles relax and strengthen. The benefit of this is more power in your squat, more weight lifted in the bench press, less pain in the shoulders and joints during and after exercise. With the right mobility exercises you can also loosen the hip flexors, hamstrings and calves.

This will improve your posture and eliminate a lot of back, neck and hip pain. Think of the money saved on physio and chiropractors, and the general well being you will receive from feeling more loosened up.


One of the deciding factors in choosing how and where to work out at is convenience. After commuting 2+ hours to work a day for many people, where do you get the time to work out at? Then there’s the hassle of leaving the house, making the commute to the gym and trying to find some space in the gym to exercise in.

This is one of the reasons home gym equipment sales are booming. Think about it logically for a minute. You can work out at a time that suits you, in the comfort of your own space, with no one bugging you. You don’t have to feel self conscious about how you look like or what you are wearing.

The Trusty Treadmill

Photo courtesy of John Kasawa @ /

Photo courtesy of John Kasawa @ /

You will miss the company and motivation for sure, but there are modern ways round this too. The most popular exercise machine home consumers use is the treadmill. They come in all shapes and sizes these days, plus they can even hook up to your internet connection. If you are the type of person who needs motivation, there is a handy software program called iFit. It makes use of your internet connection, and combined with Google maps, it can be used to chart out running maps of any location in the world.

Now the motivation bit starts when you make use of iFit’s personal trainer Jillian Michaels. She will guide and pump you through an intense workout. If your treadmill has a HD monitor built into it you will love this feature. Top of the range treadmills also have an incline and decline function. This allows you to take imagined runs over hilly terrain and will give you a brutal workout. You can view lots of the different treadmill features here:

Many people will have a treadmill at home for convenience but still go to the gym for a workout or go to an aerobics or yoga class. Prices of treadmills have also severely dropped throughout the years which has greatly helped their uptake by home users. Having a home workout companion is useful for the nights where you don’t want to leave the house, or for when the weather is too severe or dangerous to venture out in. You can have the best of both worlds, working out in the gym and in the peacefulness of your own home. In this modern era of hybrid training this dual approach fits a lot of lifetstyles – those who like both the quietness of home and the hustle and bustle of a commercial gym.

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