Common Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments of Hearing Loss

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Hearing problems are a really common thing. They can leave a person feeling isolated since they can’t function as well in social situations due to not being able to hear what other people are saying. With proper care and certain tools your hearing problem can become better. Here are some common causes, symptoms, and treatments of hearing loss, so you can make a wise decision when it comes to your hearing.

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There are many different causes for hearing problems. One of these causes is loud noise. Some people have jobs in factories where the noise level is super high. This can damage the ear. Also listening to music too loud or even the TV can damage your hearing. The best way to prevent hearing loss is to make sure that the noise level does not get too loud in the places that you frequent. However, if you work in a very loud place then that can be tricky to do. You can try to limit the amount of noise in other areas of your life though. This is so important because it is one of the most common reasons why people experience hearing loss.

Another cause of hearing problems is certain medicines. Chemo medications are a leading culprit in hearing loss. It is best to talk with your doctor about the pros and cons of the medication before taking that medicine. He or she will be able to tell you any negative side effects of it and you can decide whether they are worth taking the medication.

Illness can also cause hearing loss. Some illnesses that cause hearing problems are high blood pressure and Diabetes. Heart disease can also cause hearing loss. Ear infections can also cause loss. It is best to go see your doctor right away if you are experiencing any of the symptoms of infection, or if you have any symptoms of these other illnesses.

Age is also a huge factor when it comes to hearing problems. Researchers do not know why but as we age our hearing tends to get worse. It could be because we are exposed to so much noise as we get older that this decreases our hearing.

Lastly, accidents that occur can lead to hearing problems. For example skull fractures often cause hearing loss because of the sudden, hard impact of the accident. Preventing these types of accidents by doing things like wearing a helmet can lessen the chance for hearing problems to occur.

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Photo courtesy of Ohmega1982 @ /

Knowing the symptoms of hearing loss is the first step in figuring out whether you need to help. One of the symptoms of hearing problems is not being able to hear normal levels of conversation and thinking people are actually mumbling. People will hearing loss may also ask people to repeat themselves numerous times before realizing what they are saying. Lastly, a ringing in the ear can also be a symptom of hearing loss.

If you have some of the symptoms above and think you are suffering from hearing problems there are ways to combat this health problem. You should first go to your doctor so he or she can check you for any ear infection. If he or she finds one then the treatment the doctor will prescribe is antibiotics. These will help you be able to hear better by eliminating the infection. If the doctor rules out any signs of infection then a hearing devices may be what you need. A very good one to use is the Oticon Agile pro mini rite. This device is great because it enhances the sounds around the person so that they can hear them better.

Hearing problems if gone undetected can continue to get worse over time. Its best to get your ears checked right away if you feel like you are losing your hearing. By using the information above you can make a wise choice whether to go see your doctor or not. If you choose to he or she should be able to help you. Your doctor may also refer you to an audiologist who can check your hearing and determine if you need a hearing device. Just know that there is help out there and you will feel better once you seek help for this problem.

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