A Few Interesting Facts Concerning Bronchitis

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Living with Bronchitis

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When it comes to bronchitis, there are several ways in which this health condition can turn fatal very fast. It often times will start out as a cough that will not go away, but instead will linger on for several days. For that reason it will be essential to consult with your doctor for follow up treatment.

Bronchitis, is also sometimes referred to as a chest cold. This medical condition will often happen when the bronchial tubes inside of the lungs are inflamed and congested. When it gets to this point it will further cause the tubes, to  swell and produce mucus (for a more detailed anatomic and medical description of bronchitis, please see http://bronchitis.wisium.com).

Often times, this type of congestion will happen after a person has contracted a upper respiratory infection inside of their lungs. In addition, there are other symptoms which can make this condition even worse. Many patients will experience chest pain, shortness of breath, and continued deep coughing spells.

For some people, with these certain health conditions, their doctor might even require the person to be placed into a hospital to fully treat the condition. For those that already have other lung conditions such as asthma, when they get bronchitis from other bacterial infections, it could also require them to take additional breathing treatments with their normal inhalers. Furthermore, it might be worth asking your doctor if they could help you to get a Nebulizer machine, which can help to distribute the medications deep into the lung to further help move the congestion through the air passageways more efficiently.

When a person is diagnosed with chronic bronchitis, this type of condition is one in which the person has had for a very long time. Typically, those who smoke are more prone to getting this type of bronchitis. However, unlike with a upper respiratory infection, which will often have bronchitis symptoms within, the chronic condition will stay with the person over longer periods of time.

chronic bronchitis information

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Having said that, with chronic bronchitis, a individual can develop the cough with the mucus, which will stay with them continuously each day, and will have severe infections with this condition at least 3 months out of the year. While this is a lung infection, it is also possible for a child and even infants to get this. If, left untreated it can in turn settle within the lungs, and start to cause more serious bacterial infections to occur.

For that reason, once a person starts to have a cough that persists, it will be essential to contact their doctor. Furthermore, it might also be required for the individual to get a chest x-ray to confirm that this is bronchitis. In addition, for those that are smokers, the tobacco does make the cilia inside of the lungs to become damaged.

Consequently, it is very likely that if the person has bronchitis they might also be more prone to developing COPD. With COPD which is short for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, there are additional tests that your doctor can perform to help them get a accurate diagnosis. Typically a breathing test will be done with a spirometry, which is  a breathing machine that the doctor will have inside of their office,  to see if your bronchitis has worsened with this condition.

If, so the doctor will generally start you on a steroid like prednisone to help with the deep coughing, and might also add in additional breathing treatments to help loosen the mucus out of the lung. It will be crucial that you use the entire course of medication that the doctor has prescribed to stop the condition from turning into pneumonia. If, it gets that severe the person will often require hospitalization in order to fully recover.

When it comes to having bronchitis, there are many stages within this type of infection. For that reason, it will be essential to consult with your family doctor, if you develop a cough that lingers and will not go away on its own with home remedies of hot tea, and bed rest. Finally, it is not recommended that you ignore these symptoms, especially in the elderly, and infants, but instead seek prompt medical treatment to help avoid an complications with a speedy recovery.

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