A Calm Mind, Brings About A Healthy Body

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Photo courtesy of Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee  @ / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Photo courtesy of Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee @ / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

It seems more and more common place now that people are looking for an alternative to the medical options provided by pharmaceutical companies in solving health related issues in their lives. Whether this is due to the fear of side effects, contaminants or the morality of testing on animals associated with drug treatment, it seems a natural holistic approach is something that is becoming ever  more popular.

Now I’m not going to start talking about the application of ingesting some tree extract or honey from an almost extinct species of bee but the concept of healing ourselves from within without the need for any medicine at all.

An individual with fantastic mental and emotional health will be aware of what they are thinking, the emotional response that these thoughts elicit and the behaviours which are associated. When stressful situations present themselves they have a good coping response for them so that they can deal with the perceived problems they are facing in life. On top of this they will also usually have good self esteem and experience successful relationships.

However life is a complicated, unpredictable mind field at times and we can be tossed about and bullied by events that trigger depression, stress and anxiety.

Now what happens when these negative emotions become present within you is an accompanied physical response to these feelings known as the mind/body connection. When there is emotional discord these feelings can begin to manifest themselves through physical symptoms such as sexual problems, extreme tiredness and stomach ulcers to name just a few.

Your immune system is especially affected by any emotional disruption in your life so during challenging times you may find you are more susceptible to catching colds and just becoming ill in general, not to mention people often neglect their health during difficult times even turning to substance abuse exacerbating any issues even further

Improve your mental health and improve your physical health

Photo courtesy of tiverylucky @ / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Photo courtesy of tiverylucky @ / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

It is important to have a skill set which allows you to recognise your emotional health and analyse why there are problems to begin with. These issues are usually congruent with factors such as stress and anxiety in your life or past events that are still causing you upset to this very day since they have not been appropriately dealt with. Do some reading and educate yourself on life therapies that can help you deal with and conquer these disturbances once and for all.

It may be that you simply need to have a self intervention and realistically look at your life and define what changes need to be made to ensure that you don’t have any cracks in your foundations eventually leading to problems down the line. Perhaps you could see a professional counsellor, I mean it’s a crazy world we live in there is no shame in asking for help, sure buying a pair of shoes might bring you some short term relief but that money could be spent on an hour therapy session to bring around a much more sustainable resolution.

The tri-fector of health

When people say to look after your mind, body and soul and not to neglect any of these aspects within your life it is for good reason. All three of these factors play important roles and have knock on effects to each other. So here are some more ideas to help keep your mind and emotional state in check.

Eat lots of greens! Eating lots of green vegetables is incredibly important for maintaining your bodies organs and that includes your brain! Having better cognitive function as a result of a decent diet which contains lots of vitamins (especially b vitamins mm kale!!) is going to allow you to have more clarity and energy to deal with situations in your life. Avoid eating too much sugar and stay hydrated, ever noticed how it’s less stressful using a good computer as opposed to one that’s infected with malware and takes forever to load? Think of using your brain in the same way and upgrade your diet!

Learn to breath deeply and relax, a lot of the time people are so tense and starved of oxygen due to feeling overwhelmed that they forget to do the most basic thing which really does help. Practice taking deep breaths and slowing down your heart rate to reduce the signals you are sending to your brain that you are in a perilous situation so you can turn off your fight or flight auto response.

Find joy in being mindful of whatever is happening at this moment, all we have is right now there is nothing else. Our stresses and anxiety are brought on by mental movies made about the past and the future, do not suppress these thoughts but instead allow them to be and witness them without judgement.. more often then not as long as we are taking right action to fix our problems then it becomes easy to accept that these thought patterns are counter intuitive to our happiness and we learn to let them go so we can enjoy just being alive.

Try implementing these habits into your life and you should find that your mind/body connection becomes a much more harmonious relationship then it once was.

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