The Surprising Truth About Getting Fit

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We live in a world where fitness and health have taken over. It’s no longer the soda companies that catch our attentions. Although the change to complete health improvement is just around the corner for everybody, it’s not an easy change.

There are a lot of factors that we need to take into consideration before getting into this lifestyle and one thing is for sure, doing it alone only makes it a harder transition. So, what is being healthy exactly? Is it scaling every food you want to eat? Or starving in between meals? Or is it simply to feeling good about what and how you live your life? I vouch for the latter. There is a lot of misconception in today’s world that being part of a healthy lifestyle means going all out and either depriving yourself or over-exercising in order to “look perfect”. Being that this lifestyle is all about being happy with yourself, I would have to say that deprivation or obsessive planning is not the way and this just may be the time to give some thoughts to a weight loss camp.

In order to really succeed in this lifestyle, you need to take matters in your hands and make a change. The soda industries might not be winning the fitness battle, but they are not going anywhere either. You don’t necessarily need to make big changes in your life in order to start the fitness journey, but you do need to get out of your comfort zone and do something different. You can find below a few tips and tricks on how to get started.

  1. Sleep: If you’re not getting enough sleep right now, you might want to look into it. I understand that you must have a very busy schedule with your children, career, or spouse to take care of before even thinking about sleep. Although I completely understand, it’s not an excuse. The brain will function at its best when it gets 7-8 hours of sleep, which means that you will work better and be more productive when you have 7-8 hours of sleep instead of your usual four. Not only will you get work done faster, you will also have more time to spend with your family or even go for that run you’ve been meaning to get done.. At the same time, your body will be in a relaxed mode and your metabolism will pick up very quickly since it’s going to be actually awake! The energy from food will start flowing through your body faster and the body will start burning it off more. You will therefore lose weight since your body will work at its best! How incredible is that? Of course though, breaking away from the daily routine is a necessity in order to clock back the sleeping hours to where they’re supposed to be. You can’t still live the stressful life you might be having right now and be able to sleep eight hours, just like that. You need to be in a place where people are relaxed and give you the necessary energy vibrations to actually fall asleep.
  2. Nutrition: Nutrition is extremely important in conquering the healthy lifestyle struggles. If you don’t eat the right amount or kinds of food, your whole fitness progress can go down the drain. I don’t mean to start counting calories, but you should definitely look into what kind of calories you’re putting into your body. If most of the ingredients on the box are hard to read or understand, it most probably means that your body won’t be able to read or understand them either. The more processed the food is, the less good it does to your body. Plain and simple. Our bodies are made to live off of natural products, therefore foods that have gone through hours of processing in a facility are not immediately recognized by our bodies. This in turn creates bloating, weight gain, and even diseases. I don’t want you to go through this struggle, which is why knowing all the strings when it comes to nutrition is very important. Once you know what to eat and, most importantly, what not to eat, you will see how different you will shop at the grocery store.
  3. Hydration: If you liked to drink water before, this will be easy. If you preferred soda over anything, water will have to be your new best enemy. You might not like water today, but the benefits that will come from drinking it will blow your mind. When I talked about getting your nutrition in line, the empty calories you drink also fall into that picture. Drinking store-bought juices or sodas have an extremely high calorie and sugar count which go directly to your fat storage space in your body. We are often thirsty and grab the first flavorful thing in front of us, although it contains a lot of hidden sugars. The issue with this habit is that our brain quickly registers juices or soda with quenching your thirst, resulting in you drinking soda instead of water when you’re thirsty. The sodas can hydrate you for the short-run, but after a few minutes you will be thirsty again. Water will hydrate you for the long-term without adding empty calories to your daily intake. It’s extremely important to drink at least 2 liters of water every day in order to keep a hydrated and healthy body, which is why support is very important. Whether you put reminders around your house or markings on your water bottle or even have a friend send you texts to remind you to drink water, you need to gulp down more of it.

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As you can see, transitioning into the healthy lifestyle is not easy when done alone. There are many other tricks that can help you take your lifestyle to the next level, and you can find them at fitness camp.

The goal is to make your healthy journey as comfortable as possible. Everybody needs an experienced team close to them to encourage them on their goals and keep them on the right track, and that’s what we’re here for. The different groups we put everyone in also helps create this dynamic where everyone helps each other in their mission to health and fitness heaven. You might laugh, but it’s true. There will be moments where the journey gets hard, but being part of the camp’s community will help you go through those moments faster than ever. We’re here to make you sweat, but we’re also here to make sure that you reach your goal beautifully.

If you are ready to make a lifestyle change, there has never been a better time. Come to CFS Fitness & Weight Loss Camp, and discover the new you!

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  1. Wow, great article! How often do we COMPLETELY forget that getting plenty of sleep is crucial? I’m glad you made that #1!

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