Super Foods to Help Improve Blood Circulation

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foods-that-knock-your-socks-offPumping of blood to the entire body and legs requires a strong heart as well as an efficient circulatory system. When one eats a balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables and fiber he/she help maintain a good leg vein circulation and keep his/her heart healthy. This is mainly because a lot of these natural foods contain flavonoids, which are well known all over the world, help blood vessels and veins circulation stay healthy.

There are a lot of different methods that can be used to improve one’s blood circulation. You can use compression socks, or purchase custom orthopedic inserts. Below are some superfood you should consider to have in your diet, as they are renowned for their circulation-boosting properties.

Dark chocolate.

You should know that cocoa contains flavonoids, a nutrient found naturally in fruits and plants. For several years now, flavonoids have been known for their blood circulation improvement. A research conducted by a publishing company known as circulation Journal showed that dark chocolate is rich in natural flavonoids compared with white chocolate, which has limited amount of flavonoids.

Cayenne pepper.

Cayenne is in abundance both as fresh pepper and as dried spice. Cayenne has always been associated with increasing an individual metabolic rate as well as strengthening his/her blood vessels and arteries. Doctors and nutritionists always encourage cayenne pepper to be eaten raw in salads.

Sunflower seeds.

Photo courtesy of justingun @ /

Photo courtesy of justingun @ /

Sunflower seeds are very important, as they are rich in vitamin E, an important nutrient that keep blood from clotting in the artery. These seeds are very important at helping improve human circulation. Other foods rich in vitamin E are nuts, pumpkins and olives seeds.

Root ginger.

For centuries, ginger has been known for helping digestion problems, nausea and increasing blood circulation. People are always encouraged to eat raw or add ginger to food. You can even try to drink ginger tea.


Garlic has a lot of uses, one of them being washing the blood and help in preventing plaque build-up. Other foods that fall in this category are onions, radishes and leeks. They are also great stimulators of blood flow in the capillaries.


Watermelons have lycopene is abundance an all-natural antioxidant known to improve an individual’s blood circulation. It is lycopene (natural pigment), which make certain foods to have red color. Apricots, pink grapefruit and tomatoes also have lycopene.

Avocados and salmon

They both contain heart healthy omega 3 fatty acid. Nutritionist have found out that omega 3 fatty acid increases blood circulation and supports cardiovascular system.

Oranges and Citrus fruit

Fruits high in vitamin C are amazing for blood-flow. They contain natural blood thinners and vitamins that promote the immune system.

Goji berries

superberry-yumThese two small raisin sized amalgamations help to dilate blood vessels. Doing so goes a lot way to increasing overall blood flow in the body. They also boost the immune system and they are very high in fibre.

Let’s venture a little off the beaten path and look for other best practices when promoting circulation:

Baths and Bath Salts

Always take baths when you have the option. Weightlessness from water does wonders for the whole body and this was a common prescription for poor blood flow before modern blood thinners were invented.


Besides nutrition there are a number of other methods to improve circulation, such as deep tissue massage and use of a vibrator. We’ve already mentioned foot health, but it can’t be overstated. Custom orthotics prevent poor blood flow by stopping pressure points in the feet which lead to varicose veins, deep vein thrombosis and even hearth disease. To take care of the blood flow in your body, first take care of your feet. Proper footwear, exercise, and footcare can go a long way to ensure you have good and proper circulation.


Sex and sexual stimulation greatly promote blood flow. You can’t rely on this as your only source of good cardiovascular health, but it certainly does hurt. A good sex life is a symptom of a healthy individual.

In the end, the best way to prompt healthy blood flow is simple movement. Walk instead of ride. Stand instead of sit. Go the extra mile and your body will thank you for it. Move it, don’t lose it. For every hour you run, you can tack at least that much time to the end of your life. Nothing will ever be better for you then getting off your butt and doing anything about it.

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