How You Can Stop Smoking And The Benefits Of Quitting

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break the habit

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Stop for a Better State of Health

It is probably evident to most people that if they can stop smoking, they will come out on the other end with a much better state of health and a more positive hope for a better life expectancy. It is the quitting of the nasty habit that seems to be the most difficult part. The problem for smokers is the nicotine that tobacco cigarettes contain, which is one of most addictive substances on the planet. Coupled with that fact, is the preference people have for the procedures that surround the act of smoking, which have proven to be very psychologically powerful that keeps us in favor of continuing them. These procedures of ‘lighting up,’ exhaling the smoke, the times of smoking, such as after a meal, are very powerful in keeping the habit going.

There have been all kinds of schemes and devices utilized in order coax smokers into quitting, some successful, most not. The fact is that much of quitting revolves around sheer will power. There are many stories of people who “just quit” period and were successful, but many more who tried and didn’t make it. Some people who are successful at quitting, are able to withstand the torment for a while, but with the first trigger of being with someone who still smokes, is sometimes all it takes to get back into the habit.


Nicotine Patches and Gum Could Help

There has been a lot of success with people who have used nicotine substitutes such as nicotine gum and patches, and then using a tapering off technique to gradually wean themselves off of tobacco. Most smokers have seen the pictures of what our lungs look like if you smoke, and almost all of them have had some exposure to a cancer ward, but those macabre views don’t seem to do much about them taking action themselves.

Now that ecigarettes have come upon the scene, people are able to use them as a means of quitting smoking as well, as when a person uses them it is possible to vary the amount of nicotine and reduce it on a gradual basis to nothing. There happen to be many positive reasons to take this road when you are trying to stop the habit or to lesson the effects that come from cigarettes. Reading some of the current e cig reviews is a great place to get started on your journey.

The benefits of quitting smoking are gargantuan because miraculously, the human body has this unbelievable capacity to heal itself, and recovery from smoking is no exception. Not to say that damage from smoking is totally done away with, but the changes in the lungs are one good example. Many smokers who have quit, have found that over time their ability to breathe improves to great heights and any coughs and hacking that they had before goes away.

Factors Show Quitting Sooner Is Better

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Factors such as how long you have smoked, and how soon you quit also enter into the equation, and the sooner you quit the better. Stop smoking research has shown that if a person can stop before they reach the age of 50, their life expectancy is literally the same as that of a non-smoker. Even if a person quits after the age of 60, the risk is reduced by about 39 percent in comparison to a person who continues to smoke.

When you start listing all of the diseases that smoking causes that are proven to be directly related to smoking it does get your attention. If anyone can prevent these diseases from darkening their doorstep, it is worth considering taking the step. Lung cancer, and about 200 other types of cancer can be eliminated or reduce in risk. Heart and lung problems are mitigated. COPD used to be called emphysema, but the COPD is a broader description of the disease that basically shuts down your ability to breath as it kills you.

We could fill page after page of the health problems you will avoid by quitting smoking, so pick your method of quitting and get started today!


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