How to Stop Diarrhea

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There are different reasons why people develop diarrhea. No matter the reason is people who are suffering from it may feel embarrassed because they are experiencing it in a public place and there are also times when people feel weak because of it.  A lot of people suffer from diarrhea at least once every year. In case you are not too familiar with what diarrhea is, it is a digestive problem wherein people experience cramps on their abdomen and they have loose bowel movements. Going to the bathroom can also be more excessive than usual.

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Even though a lot of people hate having diarrhea, it is not a condition to worry so much about but admittedly, it can be painful and embarrassing. You have to remember that before you check out the different home remedies that you can do in order to cure yourself from the condition, the first thing that you should remember is to keep yourself hydrated all the time. Diarrhea is a simple condition but dehydration is not. Being dehydrated can bring you straight to the hospital’s emergency room and you would like to avoid this at all costs.

Think About Your Diet

More often than not, the main reason why people develop diarrhea is because of the food products that they eat. Some people eat everything that they can get their hands on and this is not a good thing. When you eat certain food products, the mix might not be that good in the stomach. It can make digestion a harder process for the body and can lead to diarrhea. You have to remember that once you develop diarrhea, you will have to keep yourself hydrated and you can do this by consuming certain liquids like chicken broth and salt solutions. Hydrating solutions will also work perfectly. You would also have to avoid certain food products such as chocolates or processed food because this might worsen your diarrhea. Avoid any product that has caffeine on it because caffeine is known to dehydrate.

Know the Food That You Should Eat

Diarrhea is most active during the first 24 hours after its onset. During this period, you should focus on eating the right food products that will help the body recover from the condition. Some of the things that you can eat are the following

  1. Clear liquids – You should drink clear liquids like water and in case you feel that water is too bland, you can try drinking soda water too.
  2. Bananas – In case you do not know, bananas are known to make stools harder so consuming this will lessen the possibility of releasing watery and loose stools. Aside from bananas, you can also look for other starchy food products that can normalize your stools.
  3. Plain Toast – This is especially effective if the toast is made of whole wheat because it is known to help the digestive system.

Aside from these food products, people who are suffering from diarrhea are also expected to consume apples and rice. If the person suffering from diarrhea is a child, you may need to consult with a doctor to know exactly the type of food products the child should consume. Studies show that the diet mentioned above will not be able to provide children the nutrition that they need.

Take Medications

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You may want to try some natural remedies that can help cure your diarrhea and while there are some home remedies for diarrhea such as consuming yogurt since this has antibacterial properties and drinking chamomile tea which can help reduce inflammation brought about by the condition, taking medications will help you a lot too. There are some medications that can help make your stools retain its normal shape and there are also some medications that will keep you hydrated during the onset of the condition.

Other Things You Have to Remember

When you have diarrhea, you do not have to panic. Those who have diarrhea can still do the things that they have to do although they might want to stay at home for a while in order to feel comfortable especially during the active time of the condition. You would also have to make sure that you do not resume your normal diet for about 24 hours. This way, it can help your body especially your digestive system, heal. Drinking medications that will only stop your loose stools from coming out of your body will prolong the toxins inside the body too and this can make your condition last longer than it should.

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