Five Common Remedies For Herpes Relief

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living-with-herpesHerpes is an STI or sexually transmitted infection which affects the skin and surrounding areas in the body. Since, herpes is a sexually transmitted infection, it impacts the genitals and cervix along with the skin in these areas. This is a long-term (chronic) disease and many patients don’t show symptoms until later in life. Let’s look at the five most common remedies for herpes relief as proven through studies.

Epsom Salts

natural-saltsBathing in epsom salts is an excellent remedy to consider for patients suffering from Herpes. It is able to soothe the infected area and heal the body from all the soreness and itchiness that comes along with this infection.

It is important to bathe the area for at least 15-20 minutes in the salts to get the desired results. Each patient is different and it is important to let the body recover before using epsom salts as a remedy.

Baking Soda and Corn starch

To help with the sores that develop from herpes, it is important to use baking soda and corn starch for relief.

This combination is used for a number of things, but it is great when it comes to dealing with herpes and the sores that appear.

When applying this combination of ingredients, it is essential to keep the area as dry as possible to help with the effectiveness of the treatment. It is best to apply the baking soda and corn starch with a cotton ball instead of the fingers.

Black Tea Bag

herpes-reliefThis is a simple, proven remedy that is able to soothe the skin and reduce the sores that are present.

Take a black tea bag after it has been boiled and place it directly on the sores. This will help reduce the sores and provide relief in the short and long-term.

Make sure to not apply the tea bag for more than 3-5 minutes. This is more than enough to get the most out of the tea bag. After completion, dry out the area and get rid of the tea bag.


Sounds simple enough doesn’t it? Ice is used for a number of injuries, diseases, and skin related problems. Why is this the case? The answer is straightforward, ice is used because it works like a charm.

Take a bag of ice and apply it onto the sores for 10-15 minutes. This should be repeated at least two or three times throughout the day to achieve optimal results.

Always look to read what the skin is saying during the application of the ice. If it begins to hurt, it is best to take the ice bag off and let the area warm up before applying it again.


This is a natural supplement that can be found in local drug stores.

This is an excellent remedy to try when combating against herpes and the sores that come along with it.

This can be taken through food, but it is easier to acquire a larger amount by taking the supplement. It is easier than eating a lot of food that has lysine present in it.

Lysine is not only great for preventing herpes, but it provides tremendous relief as well for patients that consume it.

These are five of the most important remedies available to patients living with herpes, and if you would like to read more in depth information on this subject there is a very good article here – It is certainly possible to relieve the itchiness and soreness that comes along with herpes. With treatments being regularly updated and improved upon, these remedies are becoming more and more effective. All five of these remedies have proven as great fighting options against herpes in the short and long-term.

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