Can You Stay Fit and Burn Calories by Exercising Sitting Down?

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Spin Bike Class

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Different people enjoy working out in many ways and there is some having great success staying fit by exercising while being seated. Exercising while sitting down using stationary bikes and spin bikes is very popular with a large number of men, women, teenagers and also children.

The popularity of this type of fitness is because it is a fantastic way to not only become fit without high impact but also can keep you in peak physical shape while maintaining and losing weight.

Success with Spin Bikes Comes With More then Weight loss

Both women and men who do indoor cycling are finding they are benefiting from it whether they ride in the gym or at home. Healthy hearts, better circulation and a much more effective cardiovascular system are just a few of the areas where they are finding their successes.

Not only heart health comes from riding spin bikes. Frequent riders of spin bikes are being paid back in their investment with renewed energy, higher strength levels, more lean muscle mass, less body fat, and a lot of stress relief. Sounds like a pretty good investment to me, how about you?

Get Over Your Barriers of Entry Into Indoor Cycling

Maybe you happen to be on the fence and have barriers when it comes to deciding if you would like to give spinning bikes a try.  This is quite common since the majority of us have one or more of these issues like time constraints, get bored easily, feel unmotivated and have other distractions. Does that sound like you and would you like to learn more about this activity? (click here to learn more about spinning bikes or keep reading below)

Well indoor cycling provides a way around these issues for us for various reasons such as:

  • When we have a spin bike at home we can cycle at our convenience, whether it’s first thing in the morning or late at night.
  • If we happen to be someone who gets bored easily then joining a spin bike group at your local gym would be a great idea as its competitive and also simulates riding in different environments, and has social benefits too.
  • Feeling unmotivated, then again joining a gym and a group that uses spinning bikes can certainly be motivational. Again like above the benefits of meeting others and being a bit competitive can get you out of the door and exercising while sitting down.

Great Results Attained and No Impact


get fit sitting down on a bike

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Exercise bikes and indoor cycling is also becoming very popular for individuals who have some current health issues as well.  People with joint pain, spinal conditions and some cases of arthritis are finding it is useful for them while providing a way to be successful exercising without the harm of impact. Being able to lean back into a seat with a back helps to support the spine while you are strengthening your hips, calves and thighs.

Spinning bikes come with technological advantages for us also. Individual workout routines can be tailored and then saved onto cards, thus personalizing the experience for everyone. Tracking your blood pressure, heart rate, calories burned as well as RPM can also be done while we are listening to our favorite tunes through headphones.

Become Stronger and Fitter While Sitting

So as you have learned, making use of a stationary bike at home or in a gym can be beneficial and lead you to success in your goal of becoming stronger, fitter, and healthier in many different ways. Both the at home or at the gym, spin bikes can be motivating, can help you make good use of your time, and keep you from exercise boredom.  Indoor cycling also comes with the opportunity to ride all year long without interruptions by Mother Nature too.

Add all these benefits add up and you could say that this form of exercise provides a huge value. Not only to those who want to get into better health but to those of us who want to remain in peak physical shape. Now is a great time to get started finding your own success with spin bikes.

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