Suggested Nutritional Requirements While Treating Mesothelioma

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nutritionFound in the lining of the body’s organs, mesothelioma is a rare form of cancer and begins in the mesolial cells. The inner lining found within the body’s organs are designed to help protect them from external threats. When this lining begins to weaken because of abnormal cell growth (i.e. cancerous cells), the organs are weakened and become prone to injury and disease. For mesothelioma patients to remain healthy and battle against this rare form of cancer, it is important to have a proper diet in place. Let’s take a look at important nutritional requirements for mesothelioma patients to implement within the article below or you can also visit for more info.


It all begins and ends with hydration. If the body is not being hydrated, it becomes impossible to deal with the cancer that is spreading through the body.

The immune system requires fuel and assistance against all of the bad toxins that are present internally. If these toxins are not eradicated appropriately, the body will not be able to fight against the cancer.

Water has all of the components required to flush out these toxins and help the immune system recuperate from its fight against the cancer. It is important to drink at least eight glasses of water as a mesothelioma patient or more if recommended to do so by a physician. Read more about the benefits of water here.


Protein is critical for the body and this comes in different forms. One of these forms would be salmon, which is packed with nutrients and is high in protein.

If you are a vegetarian, it is appropriate to get your protein from other sources such as beans and peanuts.

The goal with this nutritional change is to get as much protein as possible. It is best to eat at least your bodyweight’s worth of protein (in grams) on a daily basis to help the body fight against the mesothelioma.

Oranges and Berries

Photo courtesy of Ambro @ /

Photo courtesy of Ambro @ /

Fruits and vegetables are one of those proven options that are excellent for fighting against almost any disease. Cancer is no different as oranges and berries are packed with the right kind of nutrients that are required in helping the body.

The immune system requires these nutrients in order to rejuvenate and remain healthy. Orange and berries are great because they are packed with those antioxidants that are required for reducing the impact of the toxins present in the body.

Make sure every meal has some component of oranges and/or berries in it to help the body get its require dose.

Smaller Meals

This is not a specific food, but a way of eating the meals that are going to be consumed on a regular basis. It is important to not tax the body by eating too much in one sitting.

The fight against cancer has to be focused and this becomes difficult when the digestive system has to digest more than it can handle. It is recommended to eat between 5-7 meals throughout the day to get the most out of what is being consumed.

It is important to not only eat the right foods, but to eat right in general and that comes with smaller meals.

These nutritional changes are essential for mesothelioma patients to remain healthy and fully functional. With appropriate nutritional changes, it is important to reduce the impact of the abnormal cell growth and begin down the road to recovery. Without these dietary changes, the body will continue to weaken and shut down. Medical professionals recommend making a change effective immediately to help the body’s immune system in targeting these cancerous cells that develop and begin to spread. It is important to reduce their potency by eating foods with the required nutrients and anti-oxidants.

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