Causes, Symptoms and Diagnosis of Plantar Fasciitis

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Photo courtesy of satit srihin @ /

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Plantar fasciitis, a condition which causes pain in your heel. It is located on the plantar fascia which is a ligament connecting the heel of the foot to the front of the foot. Its job is to help support the arch of the foot when walking.

Most Common of Orthopedic Complaints

It is perhaps one of the most common of orthopaedic complaints yet can be treated at home with any of these 8 great tips. The plantar fascia ligaments will experience a lot of wear and tear in daily life. Typically these ligaments will act as a shock absorber and support the arch of the foot. If you put too much pressure upon your feet it can damage and tear these ligaments.

The plantar fascia can then become inflamed and this inflammation can cause heel to be painful and it can be stiff to walk.

It can be caused if you are overweight or struggling with obesity. The increased pressure of the weight on the plantar fascia ligaments can be very painful. Pregnant women often complain of heel and ligament pain of this sort during late pregnancy.

Long Distance Runners Also Have This Condition

Long distance runners may also have the condition due to the wear and tear that they give their feet. Jobs that require a lot of standing are another cause. High arches or flat feet may also be a cause of this condition.

The condition is very painful and there will be stiffness in both the bottom of the heel and pain in the area. This usually develops over the course of time. Generally, it only affects one foot but in rare cases it may affect both feet.

Many people describe the condition as feeling a dull pain. Still others say that the pain is sharp or they notice a burning sensation. It is generally more painful in the morning upon awakening and getting out of bed. It may also happen if the person has been sitting or lying down for a period of time. Stair climbing can be very challenging.

Plantar Fasciitis Can Be Treated Successfully

Doctors will do a physical to see why the foot or heel area is so tender. They will note the exact location of the pain and have you flex your foot to see if the pain is eased or worse after or during flexing. The doctor will also check for any redness or swelling.

The doctor will check strength as well as nerves by checking the reflexes. Muscle tone and sense of touch will also be noted as will coordination and balance.

If the doctor has any other concerns they may also have X rays or an MRI scan done to ensure that no other conditions are present and causing the heel pain. They are trying to rule out fractures and the like when they do this.

As a treatment plan the doctor may prescribe icing the area for 15 to 20 minutes three to four times each day. They may suggest some exercises to help ease the symptoms and staying off of the feet for a time. Arch supports and anti inflammatory medications are also helpful.

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