Breast Enhancement: Natural & Plastic Surgery Options

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contemplating breast surgery

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Personal Appearance and Satisfaction

It is well-known for everyone that most women are not satisfied with their looks. It is natural that we compare ourselves to others, and make the conclusions not favorable to us. The fashion industry, tons of glossy covers and beauty magazines, cosmetic companies impose their own vision of beauty on modern women all over the world, making them dream about what they do not have. And one of the things they dream about is beautiful breast.

From the very beginning of human civilization woman’s breast was a symbol of fertility, fecundity, and women with well-developed bust were considered to be good genetic material for continuing of human generation. Since that time the world has changed a lot, but some things stayed the same. And women’s breasts are still getting a lot of attention in most countries. There is no surprise that women of any age dream about making their bust their real pride. And here are some ways you may use to enhance your bust.

The reasons may be different – no matter if you are a young woman, or you are already a mother of one or more children and you wish your breasts regain the shape they had before childbearing – these methods will work for you and make you feel yourself attractive.

Visual Effects Can Be An Enhancement

The easiest way to enhance your bosom is visual effects. Sometimes, even appearance of fuller bust makes women feel happy and more attractive. Here you may use a great number of tips and tricks that were invented for you in last decades. First of all, you should choose the right bra for the type of blouse or dress that you are wearing. It should not be too tight, as long as it will slow the blood circulation and thus traumatize the tissue. Push-up bras are always helpful in case you want to draw more attention to your breast area. It may be a surprise for you, but the position you are sleeping in may influence the looks of your breast, and the worst choice is sleeping on your stomach.

Those women that are not satisfied with the illusion of full bust, opt for Herbal breast enlargement. On the shelves of beauty markets there are a lot of natural herbal therapy systems and packages consisting of natural ingredients that are massaged into the skin of breast area. Palmetto, one of the most popular natural ingredients, when getting into woman’s body, increases the level of main hormone for female – estrogen, which is in charge with lots of processes, and breast size as well. And the process of massaging itself brings a lot of positive to your health and the state of your breast area. The other popular ingredient for breast enhancement is an onion. Yes, a simple onion is able to improve your breast naturally and without any synthetic additives. To prevent your bust from sagging you should simply mix the onion juice with turmeric powder and honey and massage this mixture regularly into your skin.

Natural And Herbal Remedies

Another step to perfect breast would be special enlargement creams on natural components. While shopping for the right cream you should look attentively at the ingredients – if you see it consists of burdock, fenugreek, kelp, wild yam and other natural herbs, you be sure that this product will help you. The effect of such cream is provoked by the properties of the ingredients that naturally increase the level of hormones in your body and make the fatty tissue grow. The herb called “Pueraria mirifica” that comes from Thailand, contains phytoestrogen that together with natural estrogen in your body makes your bust grow naturally. And if to massaging you will add sucking and caressing, the results will be seen soon, as long as these two processes increase the blood circulation and strengthens the protocol muscles.

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Those women that have no temper to wait for the results or to do all the procedures, may consider breast augmentation. I know, what you think now – “There is no way that I will go under knife to get something synthetic into my body”. I agree with you on this part. Yet, there is the option in surgical breast augmentation that you will surely like, as long as this will not only help you improve your breast size and shape, but make other problematic part of your body thinner and graceful. Are you interested? I’m sure you are.

Breast Augmentation Procedures Are Available If Patience Is Lacking

The third variant of breast augmentation except of saline and silicone implants is using your own fat. It is simple – the fat is taken from the part of your body where it is not needed (for example, hips or abdominal area), and is injected into your breasts. This way you end up with more flat abdomen or smaller hips and naturally bigger bust without any synthetic polymers in your body.

Probably, there are some more variants that might help you in enhancing your breast, but these are the most effective and safe for your body and your health. Choose for yourself what you would like to try, improve your life and stay healthy and happy.

Author’s Bio: Sasha Pierce is a researcher at and professional writer, specializing in beauty and health issues. Her motto is “Life is full of surprises. Be ready for any of them”.

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