Food Insurance’s Essentials Kit: A brief Review

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emergency food suppliesFood Insurance is a company known for selling emergency food supplies, and here we are going to review one of its most appreciated products- the Essentials Kit. It comes with all the specifications that an emergency food kit should have.

Contents: The kit comes with two week’s food supply that covers 3 meals a day, cooking tin, reusable heat source, waterproof matches and a water bottle with filter, all packed in a well-designed, weather-proof and lightweight hiking bag.

Product Review:

Packing: Good packing is necessary in an emergency food kit to keep it free from all forms of contamination. This kit’s packing is superior with all the foods packed in their respective bags. This keeps the food fresh with a shelf-life of around 7-10 years.

Food quality: The food in this kit consists of dried meals that can serve the nutritional requirements of a single person for 14 days. It can be cooked very fast just by dropping it in hot water.

Heating source: A fuel-stove that uses solid fuel which burns even while floating on water can be a life-saving item, especially during hurricanes, storms, floods or tsunamis. However, it can only be considered as a temporary source and we advise you to carry a full-fledged stove. The water proof matches also come handy if you are struck in a rain storm.

Water bottle and filter: The water bottle which comes with a filter can be used for more than 1500 times which supplies you clean water for a long time, even after your food supplies are finished. It is designed for tough use and serves excellently to keep you hydrated on the move. Also, the filtering process proves to be very efficient.

Bag: The hiking bag that comes as a multi-colour variant of black and red looks simple and elegant. It has got sufficient pockets to hold some of your items along with the food. Even after you use up all the food, the bag is so sturdy that it can easily serve you for several more years.

Dimensions and weight: Another great feature of this product is that after filling it with all the foods, the bag weighs just 21 lbs with dimensions 12″ x 12″ x 25″.

Price: The Essentials Kit, with all its good features comes at a very competitive price of $199, which is reasonable compared to its competitors.

Overall, this product is one of the best in its class, could be your life-saver during natural disasters or if you want to explore places where survival is difficult.

Author bio: Hi, I am Maria Benson. I am a finance writer who regularly participates in adventure sports. Writing is my passion and I write often on topics related to my profession. Presently, I am writing to educate the mis-sold PPI victims about the process to claim for PPI.

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